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Approximately How Much Will A New Windshield Cost?

Do You Want To Know What Costs Are Involved With Auto Glass Replacement?

When an auto windshield gets damaged, it is important you find out if it requires partial repair or complete replacement. Thanks to modern technology, not every chipped or cracked windshield will need replacing. However, when repair is not possible, there are several things you need to consider when determining the cost of

auto glass replacement

, such as the make, model, and year of the vehicle in question that all determine the price. The size and kind of glass, what kind of insurance coverage you have, plus, any extra parts that need replacing, the prices of any extra services will also need consideration.

The glass used will influence the price of windshield replacement. Original, manufactured glass, the same glass installed during production is the most expensive. The same applies when you have the work done at a dealership, instead of a professional

auto glass repair


OEM or original equipment manufactured glass has to meet or exceed a vehicle manufacturer’s standard. The biggest differences between OEM and original manufacture glass is the price, maker, and the fact OEM glass does not come with a manufacturer’s stamp on it.

There is another choice, which is aftermarket glass, this is cheaper, however, does not meet the same standards. OEM tends is the most popular choice for the cost of windshield replacement. The price of towing the car could be a factor also, as driving vehicles with extensive damage to the windshield is dangerous. Performing the windshield replacement on site is possible; however, this is usually the more expensive option. However, calling out an auto glass company to replace your windshield either at work or at home comes with several advantages.

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